Is winning really everything?

As bhangra dancers we sometimes get too caught up in the competitive nature and forget about the more important things during training for a competition – the journey we experience along the way, the lessons we learn and the memories we make. We get too caught up in the sole focus of winning that we simply miss these things.

Last year my team and I had won The Bhangra Showdown 2017 but this year unfortunately we didn’t win nor place. This was upsetting for me but I soon realised that despite the literal blood, sweat and tears, I had the best 3 months with such an amazing group of people. In all the years I’ve been dancing they were by far the best… selfless, strong, caring and crazy!

We experienced endless injuries, we experienced personal issues and even a bereavement… but we stuck together and never gave up. And a very special shout out to Preeti who danced with a torn ligament – a true soldier!

A team teaches us the importance of working together. When one is down you cannot function nor win without them. If you don’t support them you have already lost. It teaches us that just a tiny bit of support can take us such a long way. When one member was ill another member of the team always had medicine on hand, if they were bleeding plasters were always at the ready, even lucozade if energy levels were low. If one was in too much pain, the other would help in whatever way possible – whether that was stretching, bandaging or getting their dose of ibuprofen.

Why? Because together we were stronger. It’s not always about winning… it’s about the memories we make that last a lifetime…

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